Our Strategy

Our objective is to discover, develop and commercialize proprietary boron-based drug compounds with superior efficacy, safety and convenience for the treatment of a variety of diseases. The key elements of our strategy to achieve this objective are to:

Drive rapid, efficient discovery of novel boron-based compounds.

We believe the unique characteristics of boron and the expertise we have developed allow us to design novel product development candidates that target a range of diseases within our core areas of focus and drive a rapid and efficient drug development process. In addition to our first approved product, KERYDIN®, our lead product development candidate, crisaborole, and our out-licensed compounds, we have a pipeline of other internally discovered topical and systemic boron-based compounds in early stages of research and development.

Target development activities in our core focus areas.

We intend to target our development activities in our core focus areas of inflammatory, fungal and bacterial diseases. To fully leverage our boron chemistry platform, we have established and may in the future pursue additional development partnerships in these focus areas.

Commercialize our products internally or through partnerships in specialty markets in the United States.

In July 2014, we entered into an exclusive agreement with Sandoz Inc., a Novartis company, pursuant to which PharmaDerm, the branded dermatology division of Sandoz, distributes and commercializes KERYDIN in the United States. In September 2014, PharmaDerm launched KERYDIN. We intend to continue to evaluate how best to commercialize our product development candidates, if approved, in the United States and internationally, and may choose to collaborate with third parties that have sales and marketing capabilities and established distribution systems, either to augment our own capabilities or in lieu thereof.

Leverage partnerships for non-core focus areas.

We believe boron chemistry has utility in a broad range of diseases outside of our core areas of focus. To maximize the value of our boron chemistry platform and to provide non-dilutive capital to support development in our core areas of focus, we have entered into and may in the future seek additional partnerships early in development for compounds in non-core areas, such as neglected diseases and for applications in animal health.

Expand and protect our intellectual property.

We intend to expand and aggressively prosecute our intellectual property in the area of boron chemistry and boron-based compounds. Given the relatively limited amount of research that has been done in the area of boron-based drug development, our objective is to establish a defensible and valuable intellectual property portfolio.